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Was the sacrament of confirmation given by Pope Francis in the easter night mass invalid?


Pope Francis intended to give to 4 persons the sacrament of confirmation.

The sacrament of confirmation is the baptism with the Holy Spirit.
The baptism is performed by a bishop (priest) praying and laying hands on the one who is to be baptised with the Holy Spirit.

We can read about this in the bible for example in Acts 8,17 „Then Peter and John placed their hands on them, and they received the Holy Spirit.“


This would mean that the sacrament was given invalid to those persons ?

Ofcourse the rites of confirmation has been expanded and things have been added.

Pope Paul VI gave the rite of confirmation as church law for the Roman Catholic Church on August 15th in 1971 with the


In this apostolic constitution we can read:

„Therefore, in order that the revision of the rite of confirmation may, as is fitting, include
even the essence of the sacramental rite, by our supreme apostolic authority we decree
and lay down that in the Latin Church the following are to be observed for the future.


But the laying of hands on the elect, carried outwith the prescribed prayer before the
anointing, is still to be regarded as very important, even if it is not of the essence of the
sacramental rite: it contributes to the complete perfection of the rite and to a more
thorough understanding of the sacrament. It isevident that this prior laying on of hands
differs from the later laying on of the hand in the anointing of the forehead. “

So we all can see that there are 2 laying hands on, one is important and the other one is essential.

Pope Francis did not lay hands on this persons at all. He only anointed with chrisam.


Blasphemous homilie at Good Friday liturgy 2013 in Vatican!

As it is tradition in that liturgy Pope Francis was sitting at the side and listening when the homilie was given by the papal preacher P. Raniero Cantalamessa OFMCap.

In his preaching Cantalamessa said many things that are against the church teachings !
I will cite what Cantalamessa said and then I will discuss it:


„On the one hand there is the outstretched hand of God offering man His grace; on the other hand, the hand of man reaching out to receive it through faith. The „new and everlasting Covenant“ is sealed with a handclasp between God and man.“

Bishop Ralph Napierski:

For the new covenant we have a mediator:

Hebrew 9, 15 „For this reason Christ is the mediator of a new covenant, that those who are called may receive the promised eternal inheritance—now that he has died as a ransom to set them free from the sins committed under the first covenant.“

The new covenant is sealed through the blood of Jesus Christ.

Luke 22,20 :“In the same way, after the supper he took the cup, saying, “This cup is the new covenant in my blood, which is poured out for you.“

If salvation would be achieved by faith only, then the sacraments would not be needed.
And ofcourse the eucharist could only be a symbol.

But Jesus himself says in John 6,54: „Whoever eats my flesh and drinks my blood has eternal life, and I will raise them up at the last day.“


„Still, it can be said that the end of time has already come, because in Christ, who ascended to the right hand of the Father, humanity has reached its ultimate goal. The new heavens and new Earth have already begun.“

Bishop Ralph Napierski:

Humanity has not reached its ultimate goal yet.
Jesus will come back !
When the ones that recived salvation will resurrect and recive a new body and start to live in the new earth (and heaven) then humanity has reached its ultimate goal.
We are still living on the „old“ earth and we still have our „old“ body.


„The cross separates unbelievers from believers, because for the ones it is scandal and madness, for the others is God’s power and wisdom of God (cf. 1 Cor 1:23-24); but in a deeper sense it unites all men, believers and unbelievers. „Jesus had to die […] not for the nation only, but to gather into one the dispersed children of God“(cf. Jn 11:51f). The new heavens and the new Earth belong to everyone and are for everyone, because Christ died for everyone.“

Bishop Ralph Napierski:

Yes ofcourse Jesus did die for everyone.
It is the offer that is for everyone.
But not everybody is accepting the offer.
So the new heaven and the new earth does not belong to everyone!
There is also the lake of fire !

Cantalamessa is giving the same misleading teaching that we also had in the falsificated consecrations words.

It is for „many“ not for „all“ !

Mt 26,28: „This is my blood of the covenant, which is poured out for MANY for the forgiveness of sins.“


„In the Apocalypse he adds: „Behold, he is coming on the clouds, and every eye will see him; they will see him even those who pierced him, and all the tribes of the Earth will lament for him „(Rev 1:7).
This prophecy does not annouce the last coming of Christ, when it will no longer be the time of conversion, but of judgment. It describes the reality of the evangelization of the peoples. In it, a mysterious but real coming of the Lord occurs, which brings salvation to them.“

Bishop Ralph Napierski:

Now Cantalamessa is twisting the truth of the bible and claiming that this prophecy is not about Jesus coming back !

He replaces the real coming of Jesus with a „mysterious coming of Jesus“ through or in the evabgelisation. So by us telling somebody else about Jesus he says that Jesus is „coming“ to this person. And Cantalamessa is calling this a „real coming“.
Also he gives the impression that there will be no judgment day.
This is just ridiculous !

In Mt 24,30 is written:
„Then will appear the sign of the Son of Man in heaven. And then all the peoples of the earth will mourn when they see the Son of Man coming on the clouds of heaven, with power and great glory.“

This biblevers is directly connected to the quotet vers of Rev 1,7

Jesus will come back !



„We know what the impediments are that can restrain the messenger: dividing walls, starting with those that separate the various Christian churches from one another, the excess of bureaucracy, the residue of past ceremonials, laws and disputes, now only debris.“

Bishop Ralph Napierski:

Ofcourse now we can only guess what he has in mind. But by looking what he did already preached I am sure it is not a good thing.

Especialy when we have a look at what is dividing christian denominations.
A main topic is here for example the real presence in the Eucharist.

But what is very wrong and misleading is the fact that he is talking about „the various Christian churches“ !

There is only one true church !
The catholic church that was founded by Jesus Christ himself !



„As happens with certain old buildings. Over the centuries, to adapt to the needs of the moment, they become filled with partitions, staircases, rooms and closets. The time comes when we realize that all these adjustments no longer meet the current needs, but rather are an obstacle, so we must have the courage to knock them down and return the building to the simplicity and linearity of its origins. “

Bishop Ralph Napierski:

Here Cantalamessa is talking about the „reformation“ of the catholic church.
By what he already preached i doubt that it would be going back to its origins it looks like he has a DEFORMATION in mind.

I realy hope that Pope Francis does not believe the nonsense he had to listen to while Cantalamessa did preach !

Der Häretiker Bischof Müller verbreitet weiter Lügen und definiert neu was ein Katholik ist. Damit stellt er sich erneut gegen die Lehre der Kirche!

Traurigerweise hat Papst Franziskus den deutschen Häretiker Bischof Gerhard Ludwig Müller (65) in seinem Amt als Präfekt der Glaubenskongregation bis auf weiteres bestätigt.
Das war wohl der erste fatale Fehler in seiner Amtsführung als Papst.

Es ist allerdings davon auszugehen das der Papst nicht informiert wurde, dass Bischof Müller ein Häretiker ist, welcher die Realpräsenz in der Eucharistie leugnet.

>>> Informationen über die Exkommunikation von Bischof Müller hier <<<

Die Katholische Nachrichten-Agentur (KNA) sprach mit dem Häretiker Müller in Rom.
Dabei verbreitete Bischof Müller wie gewohnt Lügen über die Piusbruderschaft und das 2. Vatikanische Konzil:

„Die Glaubenskongregation war von Benedikt XVI. beauftragt worden, mit der Priesterbruderschaft Gespräche über eine mögliche Rückkehr in die Einheit mit der Kirche zu führen. “

Der Papst Benedikt XVI hat die Einheit duch Aufhebung der Exkommunikation der Bischöfe der Piusbruderschaft selbst schon herbeigeführt.
Aufgabe der Kommission Ecclesia Dei welche seit kurzem der Glaubenskongregation unterstellt ist, ist die Verhandlung über eine Inkardination.


„Als Ergebnis wurde eine dogmatische Präambel verfasst, deren Unterzeichnung und inhaltliche Anerkennung Vorbedingung für eine volle Gemeinschaft dieser Priester mit der katholischen Kirche ist.“

Die volle Gemeinschaft besteht schon !


„Jeder Papst muss darauf bestehen, dass alle Konzilien als Ausdruck des höchsten kirchlichen Lehramtes anerkannt werden. Und dazu gehören auch das Zweite Vatikanische Konzil und die nachfolgenden Äußerungen des Lehramtes. Wer das nicht anerkennt, ist kein Katholik.“

Nicht ale Konzilien sind Ausdruck des höchsten kirchlichen Lehramtes. Insbesondere war das Zweite Vatikanische Konzil lediglich ein Pastorankonzil. Es gab keine Verkündigung von neuen Dogmen oder Kirchenlehre. Es gibt nichts zum annerkennen. Und genau das stellt die dogmatische Präambel auch deutlich heraus. Es gibt ein Päpstlich verbrieftes Recht das Zweite Vatikanische Konziel zu hinterfragen !
Im übrigen ist man Katholik durch eigene Entscheidung und Empfang der Sakramente. Der von dem Häretiker Bischof Müller postulierte Zusammenhang mit der angeblich zwingenden Anerkennung von Pastoralkonzilien ist vollkommener Unsinn und widerspricht der Kirchenlehre !

Kardinal Kasper exkommuniziert?

Ist Walter Kardinal Kasper ehemaliger Präsident des Päpstlichen Rates zur Förderung der Einheit der Christen exkommuniziert?

In einem Interview mit der Zeitung Schwäbische am 15 März sprach Kardinal Kasper über geheime Vorgänge innerhalb des Konklaves.

Damit hat er gegen die ihm Auferlegte Verschwiegenheitspflicht verstoßen.

In einem Moto Proprio vom 25 Februar hat Papst Benedikt XVI die Exkommunikation bei Verletzung der Verschwiegenheitspflicht festgelegt.

‘Conclavebuster’ Bishop Ralph Napierski and The Vatican Scandal that never happened – Truth revealed !


Media went crazy last night and today about Bishop Ralph Napierski entering the Conclave and creating a scandal. Press is claiming that finally the Swiss Guard became aware and arrested Bishop Ralph and did throw him out of the Vatican. And many other crazy details have been added. Now Bishop Ralph explains what really happened and also exposes what is behind all this alleged scandal.

On Monday March 4th I entered the Vatican together with 3 of my priests. We have been checked by the Italian police and by the Swiss Guard and I state that they did their job very well.

Of course they did let us pass because we came for a very special reason.

I am a Catholic Bishop, the leader of Corpus Dei and I am in union with the Roman Catholic Church and under the primacy of the Pope as soon as there is one again.

Here you will find all the details:


As a Catholic Bishop I founded the Congregation of Our Lady of Refuge. We have 37 Members right now and we have representation in 7 countries. So we did visit on the Monday morning the Congregation of faith to announce the foundation of the new congregation. We have been welcomed by Monsigniore Dr. Slawomir Sledziewski the representative of Archbishop Müller the head of the congregation of faith.

We had a nice talk with him and did hand him out the announcement and rules and constitution of the new congregation. Here is the picture that shows this moment:



The entrance we were directed by the Swiss Guard to use is right beside the entrance of the entrance that the Cardinals used to enter preconclave. And before we entered the building we had a wonderful small talk with Cardinal Sergio Sebiastiana.

And a picture from this small talk found its way into world media combined with a crazy story about a scandal that never happened.

The following WRONG statements can be found in worldpress: That I did entered conclave, busted it, was thrown out by Swiss Guard, was arrested, made announcements about child abuse, said my name was Basilius, claimed that I was member of a non existing Italian Orthodox Church and so on …. But all this never happened. It was a total fabrication.

Last night after I saw what happened I went back to the Vatican and I did talk with the leadership of the Swiss Guard. Mayor Kloter William GSP officialy confirmed that all this which was reported by worldmedia never happened.

We had no incident with a false bishop, nobody was arrested or kicked out, nobody that was not supposed to enter the preconclave did enter it or tried it. All that never happened.”

The main purpose of Corpus Dei is to cause union of all Christians by bringing all Christians together under the true cross of jesus Christ:

The Congregation Of Our Lady of Refuge has the purpose to support the Union of all Christians and to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


Pictures of the Congregation meeting in Ireland that at which the Constitution has been ratified.


Also I would like to thank all the people around the world for that wonderful fan mails and congratulations and I hope you are not too disappointed that all this did never happen. Please use the chance to join the movement of Unity.

Rome, March 5th 2013

Bishop Ralph Napierski

This article as PDF:


Here are pictures from our mass that we celebrated in St. Peter’s Basilica at Sunday March 3rd the day before we had the meeting in the Congregation of faith.


After we celebrated mass we did meet some Cardinals and Bishops in the Sacristy:


UPDATE: Press is starting to spread the truth !

For example the German Berlin Newspaper BERLINER KURIER from the 17th. May 2013


Here is the translation from the German Berlin Newspaper BERLINER KURIER from the 17th. May 2013:

Bishop Ralph Napierski makes Headlines

Now Bishop speaks very clearly

The Bishop from Berlin did not enter (or try to enter) the conclave!

Bishop Ralph Napierski made history: as the man who forced his way in to the preparation for the conclave in Rome! But everything was totally different, as he told the Berlin newspaper KURIER.

Kurier: Bishop Napierski, what happened in Rome exactly?

Bishop Napierski: Three of my Priests from my Order Corpus Dei ( do not mistake it for Opus Dei) flew to Rome on the March 1st to register a new Congregation, which we had found!

The sensation happened then on Monday the 4th. March…

Yes, we walked in to the Vatican, because we had a Meeting with Monsingnore Dr.Slawomir Sledziewski,which is the representative of Bishop Mueller the head of the Congregation of Faith. We gave our Documents to him, Monsingnore Slawomir Sledziewski, as you can see on the Picture.
What happened exactly?
We arrived around 9 am at the Vatican and registered at the Swiss Guards Office.At the exact same time entered all the cardinals for the preparation to the conclave. Our way was the same, because the buildings are next to each other.

That was it?

Yes, that was it! Everything what the press worldwide wrote after this, was completely fictitious and invented! Even Cardinal Lombardi, the head of the Press Office from the Vatican was astonished! The representative of the Head of the Congregation of Faith, Msgr. Dr. Sledziewski and the Mayor of the Swiss Guard : Kloter William GSP confirmed publicly that we had our meeting in the Congregation of Faith, and everything else was a free invention from the press!Cardinal Sebastiana left the Congregation of Faith at the same time, we entered, so we greeted him, and that was when the photo was taken, which was going around the world. We had a short talk and made some jokes, laught together and had a Picture. Then we entered fully the Congregation of Faith to hand over our Documents!

Did you know Cardinal Sebastiani before already?

No, maybe only heard the name .


UPDATE: German court is  prohibiting German media to spread the lies that we did enter or try to enter conclave and that we have been arrested or thrown out by Swiss Guard ………